My Fitness Journey Continues

Hey everybody, I’m back and I am human. Yes, I slacked off. I admit, I haven’t been everything I told myself that I’m capable of being. But, I didn’t give up. Let’s start at the beginning with my original fitness journeys (yes plural). It started just like many of yours’. I felt I had something to prove always being labeled the fit athletic girl that was always skinny by the perceptions of others.The way I saw myself was a different story. I looked at the biggest parts of my body (my thighs) and saw it as a representation of my overall physique.

Altering body image becomes OBSESSIVE so, instead of focusing on an unhealthy obsession, I decided to focus on positivity. This new journey was not going to be about how I see myself or how I appear to the world. Nah, this new journey started as a means to enhance my health in its totality. I realized a LONG time ago that my wide shoulders, small waist, booty, stretch marks, and thunderous thighs were all beautiful.They’re all a part of my beautiful body at the CURRENT moment that they’re here. But THEY’RE NOT PERMANENT.

Everything can change, and being a hypochondriac about every small imperfection WILL have you taking 10 steps back instead of 10 steps forward. So, if you really want to know where my motivation comes from, it comes from my ability to differentiate the superficial nonsense from the stuff that matters like your health. Outside of this internet crap your body is still crying out for attention and love. So, make the change.

When it came to changing the way I ate, I started to dabble in different types of diets. Two years ago I was a pescatarian for 6 months, but that became way too expensive and I began to think something bad would happen to me from eating so much sea food. Although, I really did love eating seafood all the time (hmmI just might go back to pescatarianism). Instead of solely eating fish, I opted to give up pork and beef. I haven’t touched that stuff in almost 2 years, and I know that I’ve added valuable years onto my life because of that simple alteration. You see, in the beginning it’s not really about these random diets. It’s also not about jumping in head first and living on salads and sparkling water. You have to be reasonable with your abilities to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Diets are SUPER temporary and you WILL fall off, ESPECIALLY if your whole reason to change has nothing to do with you and more to do with the way people think about you. Instead, try my method, I chose to find things in my life that I know I can currently live without. Like fast food, soda, beef, and pork. Everybody, always tries to tell me pizza is fast food…I mean…I guess…but the Lord himself will have to come down and fight me to make stop eating pizza. It’s truly all about moderation and I know that pizza can be my weakness, (God bless the Italians)…I digress. But honestly, if you’re making these changes for yourself and no one else moderation and eating right will be a breeze.

I’m not going to lie at times I do eat like a 5 year old. Chips, candy, carbs and fats GALORE. Again, im human, but I know that if im going to eat savagely I need to work out savagely, and that’s what I’ve been doing. You have to find your strong suit in this whole new lifestyle and change process that we all get wrapped up in. If you can’t control how you eat, you better be tripling up on those workouts and vice versa. DISCIPLINE IS KEY!

My strong suit happens to be working out. It’s such a rush for me! I love to push myself to the point of nausea at times which ISN’T necessarily good by any means, but that’s just how much I enjoy it at times. My body has to make me ill to stop myself from over doing it. Sometimes though, I swear im not that crazy all of the time Lol.

*Short Backstory*

When I was younger I would push myself so hard at everything physical. I had to be the best, I hated the thought of anybody else being physically better than me whether exercise or dance. (Super barbaric and competitive I know). For example, everybody knows the good ol’ pacer test. I would run so much to the point that I would taste blood in my mouth and be gasping for air, but I HAD to be the last girl running. The pushup and sit up test was always a breeze and easy to beat out all the females in my gym class.

You all probably think im crazy after that pacer test comment, lol, but we all know that old saying or mantra, whatever you wish to call it, “blood, sweat, and tears.” If  you don’t pour all your blood, sweat, and tears into the things you want the most in life, then ask yourself…How bad do you really want it? And answer that truthfully because you’d only be lying to yourself.

I hope my blunt and openness encourages someone else. I only wish to encourage and I will be forceful with you if I see your potential. My family and friends don’t call me a drill sergeant for nothing!!

Until next time xoxo✌✌

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